Tapered design for functional fusion at angles 0°-25°

Introducing DIP Joint Fusion
with Functional Flexion

    • Arrow-shaped lag screw for variable angle functional fusion of the distal interphalangeal joint
    • Small screw diameter maximizes bone-on-bone contact and optimal bone purchase
    • Differential thread pitch and tapered head create compression for joint fusion
    • Stainless steel implant is provided in a sterile, single use kit with all necessary instrumentation to perform the implantation
  • Offered in size 2.5mm x 26mm

Indications for Use

The ArrowPhix compression screw is indicated for use in the surgical fixation of small bones, bone fragments and osteotomies. The devices are not indicated for soft tissue fixation.

ArrowPhix Fluro


ArrowPhix Surgical Technique Guide

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