About Us


Based in Aliso Viejo, California, ExsoMed’s mission is to develop minimally-invasive, innovative solutions to enhance extremity implant procedures through increased surgical efficiency and improved patient outcomes. This overarching mission is encapsulated by providing solutions that are economically viable as part of today’s health care system.


ExsoMed was created to fill unmet needs in both product innovation and techniques that could enhance the overall surgical procedure as well as provide a better, functional experience for the patient. The ArcPhix compression screw is a prime example of this mindset, keeping the technique as simple as possible while providing patients with functional flexion for better gripping capabilities. Additionally, these enhancements aim to lower the total cost of care to all facets of the continuum: the implant cost, OR procedure time, and post-operative protocols.

Reflected through our current product roadmap, there is great potential for enhancements to the hand and wrist sub-specialty. Therefore, our mission is to be uniquely focused on the needs of the hand and wrist surgeon specialist and their patients. The hand and wrist market has untapped potential for innovation. We strive to step outside the box to address unmet needs while still providing strong, rigid fixation that has been proven throughout the years.